About Andrew Gray

I’m a dad, husband, law firm founder/owner, solicitor, owner of an English language school in Spain, Harrogate Podcast Host, Quaker (though not a pacifist), non-exective director of the Just Algorithms Action Group, politics nerd, founder of the not-for-profit Crowd Wisdom Project and Harrogate District Consensus, entrepreneur, supporter of the Polish community, Stoic philosophy fan, PPE graduate, tree-hugger, law tutor, former Law Society president, failed writer, GMB union member, and former union rep, Amnesty International member, founder of Voices for Burma, co-founder of Harrogate Debate, former trustee of Harrogate Hub and Open Country, anti-fascist organiser, marathon runner, dog-walker, constructer of rubbish treehouses, recovering wasp-phobe, Tory at school, former Labour Party CLP Chair, former supporter of Change UK, former Lib Dem, Blackburn Rovers fan, occasional comment writer for the Yorkshire Post, general truth-speaker, founder of Immigration-Lawyers.org, somewhat contrarian, chronically unwell, eager to improve, despiser of labels and frequently wrong.


Andrew Gray