Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project

Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project

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Tax My House

So, Labour’s signature policy is slapping 20% VAT on private school fees. What a sorry state of affairs – that this is pretty much the sum total of the [...]

Tax My House2024-07-24T23:57:06+01:00

Double Standards on the BBC

Pervy comedian Lucy Porter, a frequent panel show participant throughout Radio Four’s latest series of the News Quiz, has spent her appearances boring the listeners with her creepy infatuation [...]

Double Standards on the BBC2024-07-21T12:47:57+01:00

England Kant Football

The philosophy of Emmanuel Kant always felt too abstract and complex to me. That was until England’s shameful performance in the Euros brought his ideas home. In simple terms, [...]

England Kant Football2024-07-18T20:51:52+01:00


Ninety minutes after the polls closed in the General Election of 2024, and the exit poll revealed a Labour landslide, I arrived at Harrogate Convention Centre with my invitation to [...]


You – Yes You – Should Blog For Humanity

Aside from reasons of vanity, creativity, diary-making, and the clarification of my thoughts, I blog so that I can contribute to the library of human knowledge. When friends and [...]

You – Yes You – Should Blog For Humanity2024-07-03T19:03:43+01:00

Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Former British Chancellor George Osborne, who served between 2010-2016, was a brilliant political operator. However, he was the most damaging chancellor of my 44 years. Brilliant, because when the International [...]

Chickens Coming Home to Roost2024-06-29T13:21:14+01:00

Emojis, Gareth Southgate and Decision-Making

Once, following a lengthy interview process for a senior role, I sent a written job offer to the impressive successful candidate. That person accepted my offer, replying with a [...]

Emojis, Gareth Southgate and Decision-Making2024-07-02T00:32:19+01:00


It’s midnight here in Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife. I’m in my hostel - well, it claims to be a hotel, but the evidence and price suggest otherwise. It's hot. [...]

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