Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project

Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project

International Affairs

In Harm’s Way in Gaza

Recently, I finished reading In Harm's Way by legendary BBC reporter Martin Bell, published in 1996. Bell, as you may recall, came to prominence as a war reporter in [...]

In Harm’s Way in Gaza2023-11-19T22:20:33+00:00

Joining The Army

This Remembrance Sunday, like every Remembrance Sunday, I remain mentally stuck. I don’t know what to think. Growing up obsessed with military matters, I spent most of my pocket money [...]

Joining The Army2023-11-12T17:04:35+00:00

The Lie I Told to Become a Lawyer

Picture the scene: aged 24, I am – nervously, sweating in a cheap suit – sitting in front of a panel of four imposing male equity partners, in a spacious [...]

The Lie I Told to Become a Lawyer2023-10-11T10:55:00+01:00

Dodging Landmines in Nagorno-Karabakh                                                         

In the spring of 2005, to gather ideas for my second unfinished book The Anti-Guidebook, I travelled, solo, to Armenia. Why Armenia? Because, I had “done” South-East Asia and [...]

Dodging Landmines in Nagorno-Karabakh                                                         2023-09-27T08:29:58+01:00


I’m typing, 36,000ft in the air, on my return flight from Milan to Gatwick. Guess how much my flight cost, just for me, without a bag? £12. Two hours, plus [...]


Trump and the Massacre in Goa

Oops: I should have applied sunscreen today. My face is red. Silly me.   I’m typing in a hotel bar, then sipping my first Venezuelan rum. Here in North Tenerife, [...]

Trump and the Massacre in Goa2023-01-12T23:58:22+00:00

The Sick Man of Europe

(Written during take-off from Tenerife South, Airport)   Travelling on a rickety bus in rural Thailand, back in 2000, I had my only epiphany. The vast distance from home - [...]

The Sick Man of Europe2022-12-06T22:24:45+00:00

Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0

We are living through a more dangerous period than the Cuban Missile Crisis, yet nobody is talking about it. With Russian ground forces getting pulverised, with its air force still [...]

Cuban Missile Crisis 2.02022-10-31T11:27:04+00:00

Seven Recent Observations 

On the Budget from Dumb and Dumber As I highlighted in my penultimate blog, Truss is an ideologue. She doesn’t hide it. Her recent budget was a piece of work: [...]

Seven Recent Observations 2022-09-28T23:48:17+01:00

Duolingo and the Future of Geopolitics 

For those who don’t know, Duolingo is an awesome app which helps you to learn a language. Each day, for the last 112 days (as Duolingo tells me), I have [...]

Duolingo and the Future of Geopolitics 2022-08-29T15:31:57+01:00
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