Families need more support

Our Political System is broken, exploited by some politicians

NHS saved my life, but needs radical overhaul

Interest rate hikes will not cure inflation

Peace is needed between Russia and Ukraine

Biodiversity loss is a huge problem

We need to generate our own energy

Cross-Yorkshire transport links need rethinking

We should produce more of own our food

Inheritance Tax is unfair

Our waterways and beaches should be clean

Police should focus resources on online scams, violent crime and burglary

Vape shops shouldn’t be allowed in town centres

Schools shouldn’t obsess as much about exam grades

NHS staff deserve pay rises, as do teachers

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the country, not mega corporations like Amazon

Optimise post-Brexit trade agreements

Local people have the answer to local problems

Freedom of speech is precious

All citizens should have easy access to the laws and courts of this country

Our children need to play outside far more

We need to discuss why males live four years fewer than females

Celebrate just how non-racist we are as a country, but we have much further to go