Purpose of Policy:

This Moderation Policy for Polis is designed to ensure that all participants on the platform engage in respectful, constructive, and meaningful discussions. Polis seeks to promote open dialogue and deliberation, facilitating democratic decision-making.

Moderation is crucial to ensure this environment is preserved and that all participants can freely and safely express their views. Moderation is undertaken by individuals at the Crowd Wisdom Project, which hosts this instance of Polis. For the sake of transparency, Andrew Gray is the founder of the Crowd Wisdom Project, however, moderation is shared with others at the Crowd Wisdom Project.

Freedom of speech is very important, however, there are limits to what is appropriate for others to vote upon.


This policy applies to all participants engaging on the Polis platform on https://www.andrew-gray.org/. This instance of Polis is anonymous.

Respect and Civility:

All participants are expected to communicate with respect and civility towards others, regardless of differing views or perspectives. Personal attacks, hate speech, harassment, or any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.

Relevance of Content:

Statements should be relevant to the discussion topic at hand. Off-topic statements may be removed by moderators to keep the conversation focused and productive.

Fact-based Discussion:

While Polis values diverse perspectives and encourages passionate debate, we expect all participants to base their contributions on facts. Misinformation, disinformation, or purposeful propagation of false narratives will not be allowed through by the moderators.

No Spamming:

Posting repetitive or irrelevant content, promoting goods/services, or engaging in any other form of spamming is not permitted and will not be allowed through by the moderators.

Appeals Process:

Participants who have their content moderated or removed, have the right to appeal these decisions. Appeals should be directed to our moderation team for review at the Crowd Wisdom Project. The decision on appeals will be final. As statements are anonymous, the moderators do not know who wrote what.

Policy Updates:

This moderation policy is subject to change. We encourage participants to regularly review this policy for updates.

Reporting Mechanism:

Participants are encouraged to report any statements that violates this policy. Our moderation team will review all reports and take appropriate action.

The goal of this moderation policy is to maintain a healthy, productive space for democratic deliberation, protecting the rights and interests of all participants. By participating in discussions on Polis on https://www.andrew-gray.org/ you agree to uphold this policy and engage in respectful and meaningful dialogue.

4th July 2023