I’m excited to share just how I’m bringing an innovative technology to the campaign, one that will revolutionise and improve how I will work on your behalf, as your MP. It’s called Polis, and it’s all about your voice and your ideas.

You might be asking, “What is Polis?” or “How does it work?” Let’s demystify it together.

What is Polis?

Polis is a powerful tool that uses a mild form of artificial intelligence, or AI, to help us make decisions collectively. But don’t let the term “AI” worry you – it’s not about replacing human decision-making, but enhancing it. It’s about helping us all have our say, to find common ground, to unearth the best ideas and to build consensus.

Here’s How it Works

Imagine a conversation is taking place in a large room, with everyone in Selby and Ainsty invited, all 98,000 people. Each person in the room can voice their opinion on important local issues. But with so many voices, it might be hard to hear what everyone is saying, or to figure out where most people agree. And for lots of good reasons, many people don’t want to speak up in public.

That’s where anonymous Polis comes in. It’s like a friendly, super-efficient organiser who listens to everyone, summarises what’s being said, and helps us see where we agree most. It’s a way to ensure every voice is heard and no good idea is overlooked. And as it’s anonymous, unlike on social media, nobody is attacked in writing. Polis conversations are gentle, intelligent, evolving and addictive!

A Polis Conversation in Every Town and Most Villages

On local issues, I’m running a Polis conversation in every main town in the area, and in most of the villages. I am also running a constituency-wide Polis conversation on the big issues such as the economy, immigration and the environment.

When you participate in a Polis conversation, you can submit your thoughts and vote on others’ ideas. The AI isn’t making decisions for us. Instead, it’s helping us visualise our collective thoughts and pinpoint where we share common ground. Today – more than ever – we need to see for ourselves that we agree far more with one another than you might think. I know, because I have used Polis throughout the UK, finding consensus everywhere including in neighbouring Harrogate.

It’s Inclusive

The beauty of Polis is its inclusivity. Everyone can participate, no matter your age, background, or how tech-savvy you are. All you need is an opinion and a willingness to engage. And since it’s all online, you can participate from the comfort of your home, at a time that suits you. You can click back into the conversation to see how it evolves.

By using Polis, we’re ensuring that our campaign is led by you, the people of Selby and Ainsty. It’s a truly democratic approach, harnessing the power of technology to make politics more accessible, transparent, and representative of our shared values and aspirations. All the data will be available for everyone to use.

If Elected, What Happens Then?

If elected, I’ll vote in Parliament in accordance with the Polis consensuses. That’s what a representative is meant to do: listen and then follow instructions. Simple.

I invite you all to join the conversations, and together, let’s shape the future.