Step 1

I will perform listening exercises in every town and village in Selby and Ainsty, using Polis AI. I will ask about local issues and, separately, about national issues. I will release all the data to everyone. Polis conversations are anonymous. These conversations will be run by the non-profit and non-party political Crowd Wisdom Project, of which I am the Director.

Second, I will run a constituency-wide Polis conversation to discover where people (including children) agree. Again, this conversation is anonymous, with the results available for everyone.

Step 2

I will create my policies based upon the consensus points which will be unearthed, informing everyone of where the consensus is on an issue by issue basis.

Step 3

If elected, I will vote in Parliament in accordance with the Polis consensus points. I will continue to run Polis conversations, throughout my term as MP, representing my constituents with vigour. My constituents will instruct me how to vote and which causes to highlight, driven by the data. Constituents – children included – will shape how I vote on their behalf, as a true representative.