Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project

Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project

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Don’t Envy George Clooney

If you look up the dictionary definition of the word “debonair” it says: “See George Clooney”.  Ok, it doesn’t say that, but I’m sure we can agree that Clooney epitomises [...]

Don’t Envy George Clooney2024-06-01T22:28:25+01:00

Vote Conservative?

Imagine that you require some serious non-standard surgery of the general anaesthetic-requiring type. Imagine that two surgeons visit your hospital bed vying for the right to perform this procedure of [...]

Vote Conservative?2024-05-25T14:39:34+01:00

Unleashing Infinite Political Potential With AI

Since standing as the first AI-powered candidate in an election in July 2023, I have spoken to dozens of fascinating people all around the world who want to upgrade [...]

Unleashing Infinite Political Potential With AI2024-05-25T18:59:26+01:00

Not Even Paying Peanuts

Introduction and Welcome A warm welcome to my avalanche of new subscribers. I’m humbled to have you. Let’s get to it. My Legal Experience In two decades as a [...]

Not Even Paying Peanuts2024-05-17T14:20:53+01:00

Talking To Tech Titans

I’m typing in a bed, at 39,000ft, on my way to San Francisco, invited and sponsored by a tech behemoth. This is my first taste of business class travel, something [...]

Talking To Tech Titans2024-04-24T21:57:41+01:00

Some Thoughts On Racism

(Caution: the following words are written by a rusty lawyer. On the specific legal issues, the views of a smarter and more up to date lawyer are demanded. I [...]

Some Thoughts On Racism2024-02-26T23:18:52+00:00

The Manchester Bomb

On Saturday 15 June 1996, my best friend and I – both 16 – had planned to go shopping in Manchester. That morning, my mate was dropped off at [...]

The Manchester Bomb2024-02-04T10:34:27+00:00
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