Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project

Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project


The Battle of Bilton

Back in 2009, I was happily living in the Bilton area of Harrogate. Our plan to was to wed, in Bilton, in the April, at the church just a [...]

The Battle of Bilton2023-11-26T17:43:31+00:00

What have we done?

It's 4:30pm on Thursday 27 April 2023. I am walking across the vast expanse of The Stray, in Harrogate. The temperature is around 10 degrees. No rain. My dog is [...]

What have we done?2023-04-27T16:49:06+01:00


It’s 11pm, in the Autumn. On the Stray, it’s raining hard. As ever, the wind is unforgiving. The streetlights are off. Underfoot, mushed-up leaves. I’m soaking, particularly my feet.   [...]


A Career in Law?

This is my presentation to the 6th formers at St Aidan’s and St John Fisher’s schools, Harrogate, in June 2022. (When giving a presentation, I usually write a transcript, then [...]

A Career in Law?2022-06-16T20:16:05+01:00

UFOs, Covid deaths and Poverty

Partygate, the despot-like re-writing of the Ministerial Code, Russian aggression and energy price hikes, all dominate the British news. Remember Covid? Well, Covid news has been – thankfully - consigned to the [...]

UFOs, Covid deaths and Poverty2022-05-29T20:26:37+01:00

Harrogate District Consensus launches

It has taken me a lifetime to come to the point where I have this week (though I feel dreadful) launched A Tory at school, then in Labour, with [...]

Harrogate District Consensus launches2022-03-01T22:56:55+00:00

Woodlands in the News

For posterity, news of the woodlands that we at Truth Legal planted, appeared in a whole range of local news outlets this week. I'm very proud of this endeavour, partnering [...]

Woodlands in the News2022-02-17T17:31:13+00:00

A Life-Affirming Stay in Harrogate Hospital

(These are my musings, written in hospital, more diary entry than blogpost) In Antibiotics, I trust   It’s 23:51 on Saturday 12 February 2022. I’m back as an in-patient at [...]

A Life-Affirming Stay in Harrogate Hospital2022-02-16T12:04:34+00:00

Tory Contenders and Covid Deaths

Reflecting on the shameful vote this week by the majority of Tory MPs to support disgraced Tory MP Owen Paterson, and then for the Government’s immediate volte-face, my sense is [...]

Tory Contenders and Covid Deaths2021-11-05T13:17:40+00:00

New dictionary word: “Phillip-Allott-ed” 

Verb (transitive) To be “Phillip-Allott-ed” is a four-staged test. First, during a stream of consciousness, you brain-dump your most bizarre, innermost thoughts, at the most insensitive of times, in full [...]

New dictionary word: “Phillip-Allott-ed” 2021-10-16T22:49:30+01:00
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