Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project

Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project


Tory Contenders and Covid Deaths

Reflecting on the shameful vote this week by the majority of Tory MPs to support disgraced Tory MP Owen Paterson, and then for the Government’s immediate volte-face, my sense is [...]

Tory Contenders and Covid Deaths2021-11-05T13:17:40+00:00

New dictionary word: “Phillip-Allott-ed” 

Verb (transitive) To be “Phillip-Allott-ed” is a four-staged test. First, during a stream of consciousness, you brain-dump your most bizarre, innermost thoughts, at the most insensitive of times, in full [...]

New dictionary word: “Phillip-Allott-ed” 2021-10-16T22:49:30+01:00

Living Adventurously, in Settle

Typing this blog on my phone, in Settle Quaker Meeting House, North Yorkshire, I can hear an English language lesson taking place, one on one, in the room above. The [...]

Living Adventurously, in Settle2021-10-06T21:54:37+01:00

Live on BBC Radio: Resigned to No Resignation

Here in North Yorkshire our Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is Phillip Allott, a Conservative. Until the last few days, almost nobody in this area knew his name. That’s not [...]

Live on BBC Radio: Resigned to No Resignation2021-10-04T15:51:23+01:00

Up and Out in Middlesmoor and The Dales

Thankfully and inexplicably, for a few days now, my health returned, almost back to normal. But how long it will last, I don’t know. So, let’s enjoy it whilst I [...]

Up and Out in Middlesmoor and The Dales2021-09-05T18:54:27+01:00

Lord: where’s the flies?

As a teenager, during the summer holidays I would wash cars with my mates, for cash. Never have I felt so flush, handling all those one-pound coins. Great times. Although [...]

Lord: where’s the flies?2021-08-02T23:42:15+01:00

A New Vocation

This chronic illness lark is like having a new job. So many appointments to attend. So many biological readings to document. So much research to undertake:   a never-ending, insurmountable amount [...]

A New Vocation2021-07-29T23:16:38+01:00

Return to the Office

Quite rightly, Covid has given us the chance to reconsider our lives. Nobody, it seems, wants to return to commuting. Environmentally, this is indisputably a good thing. Home working – [...]

Return to the Office2020-09-05T19:17:18+01:00

Improved Online Schooling During Lockdown

My children have now been away from school for two months. Disappointingly and surprisingly, their teachers have not called to check in on them. Via email, we have received exercises [...]

Improved Online Schooling During Lockdown2020-05-14T07:24:29+01:00

Local Tory-Imposed Austerity

Conservative Councillor Skidmore, of Ripon, celebrated our council's 16.7 per cent drop in funding by telling our local paper: "Everybody is feeling the same pain, perhaps some more than others, [...]

Local Tory-Imposed Austerity2011-01-07T13:59:05+00:00
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