Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project

Find out more about my consensus-based technology at Crowd Wisdom Project

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These are my blogs written over the years.

The Covid Boost

(This needs recording for posterity, in the hope that a Google spider, an AI chatbot, or someone in a similar situation to me, or some pharmaceutical company, could make [...]

The Covid Boost2023-10-04T20:51:19+01:00

I broke these Golden Rules of Politics

In my doomed bid to become the MP of Selby and Ainsty, I broke all but one of the Golden Rules of Politics, as I see them. They are: [...]

I broke these Golden Rules of Politics2023-09-30T14:56:07+01:00

Dirty Dancing With (awful) Russell Brand

Picture the scene: Hamburg, Germany, a few years ago, on a stag do, in a busy bar, of course, with around 20 middle-aged men. I only know the stag [...]

Dirty Dancing With (awful) Russell Brand2023-09-30T15:08:09+01:00

Hallucinating about Sir Ed Davey MP

A few months ago, I was invited to a business lunch to meet Sir Ed Davey MP. Who? You know, the leader of the Liberal Democrats. On my way [...]

Hallucinating about Sir Ed Davey MP2023-09-18T22:52:07+01:00

Dodging Landmines in Nagorno-Karabakh                                                         

In the spring of 2005, to gather ideas for my second unfinished book The Anti-Guidebook, I travelled, solo, to Armenia. Why Armenia? Because, I had “done” South-East Asia and [...]

Dodging Landmines in Nagorno-Karabakh                                                         2023-09-27T08:29:58+01:00


A few months ago, at breakfast in my hotel in The Canaries, I asked the waiter: “Perdon, Senor. Tienes el pan sin gluten, para dos personas, por favor?”. (Excuse me, [...]


Speaking at the Leeds Digital Festival

If you want to laugh at me, in person, for my failed bid to be the MP of Selby and Ainsty - all powered by AI for the first time [...]

Speaking at the Leeds Digital Festival2023-09-22T16:31:11+01:00

5,000 Apologies

(Written with the permission of my daughter). Until my daughter’s recent diagnosis of Coeliac disease, with the strict gluten-free diet she now observes improving her life immeasurably, for almost every [...]

5,000 Apologies2023-09-17T10:56:55+01:00

Getting Colder

North Yorkshire’s sudden slide into winter destroys my mood like nothing else. Turning the heating on today - when just a few days ago it was sunbathing weather - [...]

Getting Colder2023-09-17T10:23:54+01:00

El Dueno (the owner) and Strangeways

It’s 8pm - vino-o-clock! – here in Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife. I’m doing something most un-Spanish: dining solo. Sitting here on the veranda of a locals’ restaurant, near to [...]

El Dueno (the owner) and Strangeways2023-09-08T21:23:58+01:00
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