On Monday 30 April 2012, I gave birth to Truth Legal Limited. Sharing a desk, in the office of local surveyor, Andrew Kempston-Parkes, I was free. I knew that it would work. It felt, well, natural.

My firm only obtained regulatory approval on 14 August 2012, so there are a few more months to go until our proper eight birthday, but we still celebrate the April date.

Over the years, adhering to the Ray Dalio school of business, I have recorded my business principles, some of which I share below.

  1. Follow the water: it always gets its way.
  2. Wow the customer, always.
  3. What gets measured, gets managed.
  4. Know your why: the best businesses must have a purpose over and above profit-making.
  5. Avoid debt.
  6. Always know where the wolf is: Collect three months’ cash.
  7. Enhance the environment.
  8. Hire well.
  9. Trust is central:
  10. Be thrifty, but not tight.
  11. Do not waste time: it is the only resource which cannot be replaced.
  12. Plan for the long-term.
  13. Know your key financial numbers.
  14. Learn from mistakes.
  15. Manage risk well: the only constant is change itself.
  16. Know the key legislation relevant to the business.
  17. Very few people ever washed their hire car.
  18. Be transparent.
  19. Give constant feedback – good and bad. Good in public, bad in private.
  20. Leaders eat last.
  21. Difficult shared experiences build deep trust between the participants.
  22. If the evidence changes, update these principles.

And just in case I were to ever lose my photos, and certainly not for reasons of vanity, here are some business photos from over the years.


andrew gray in 2012


andrew gray in 2013


andrew gray 2014


andrew gray in 2015


andrew gray in 2016


andrew gray in 2017


andrew gray in 2018


andrew gray 2019


andrew gray in 2020