BBC Look North asks the questions, Andrew Gray provides his answers.

“What would you do for the people of Selby and Ainsty to help them around the Cost of Living Crisis?”

Without a party behind me, I’ve already dominated the national news agenda. Just imagine what I can do as your MP.

Empower me, and I shall move mountains for you.

First, I’d lead the charge to dismantle the Bank of England: increasing interest rates are sheer madness.

Folks: High inflation is here to stay: wages must rise.

You’ve told me that you want closer relations with Europe, onshore wind, and a revamped NHS.

Then, put me to work.

Imagine: One brave, wise voice in Parliament would improve this nation.

“What is your priority for the people of Selby and Ainsty?”

The broken BBC ask me “What Are My Priorities for the people?”

What a daft question!

They’ve got this the wrong way around.

People should set the priorities. The MP should do as told.

Technology allows us to collate wisdom: let’s start there.

Soon behind Poland, our institutions are failing.

But when we innovate, Britain always wins.

I’ve asked the people what they want: it’s bold new solutions; and a listening, capable streetfighter, who will vigorously pursue their goals, like a dog with a bone.

Sadly, I have to write that this blog is promoted by me – Andrew Gray, of 24 St Winifred’s Road, Harrogate.