We’ve had chickens in back our garden for over five years. The original three chickens are – miraculously – still alive. In fact, they’re in fine form!

Now with more free space in my life to ponder the majesty of nature, for the first time in decades, I really immersed myself in our garden. I appreciate that we are fortunate to have a multi-faceted garden, teeming with nature. Without our garden, lockdown would have been far tougher.

Given that our broody chickens needed extricating from their hut – for they would sit there all day on non-existent eggs, if they were not moved – today was the first time that I felt the urge to pick them up. Simple.

Up close, chickens are majestic animals. If you have never studied a chicken, I suggest that you do so. Perhaps I wouldn’t have eaten so many over the years had their glory been so plane to me before. Handling a live chicken wasn’t on my bucket-list, but gently plonking our family friends down on the ground, free to roam, it did feel as I had secured a small victory.

Whilst relaxing in the garden this evening – at only 5:30pm – I was visited by the bravest of hedgehogs. Watch him sniff my feet in the video above! Hedgehogs don’t normally do this, particularly when there is a dog in the garden.

Although this is trite to write it, it feels as if my close encounter with our spiky friend wouldn’t have occurred had I not today made friends with the feathery occupants of our garden. Karma in the garden.