Cost of Living

With utmost haste, I would lead the charge to re-nationalize the failed Bank of England. The Bank failed to predict the inevitability of high inflation. Their policy of increasing interest rates punishes those on variable rate mortgages as well as renters. Their victims are people who are least able to withstand such increases, whilst those who have paid off their mortgage and who have cash in the bank are rewarded. It should be Parliament’s decision – not the Bank of England’s – to determine who suffers economic pain. We can live with high inflation if wages – both public and private – and benefits rise in line with inflation. The UK cannot control global prices.

SEND Provision

Before I became a lawyer, I worked as Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant. That was the most rewarding and exhausting job of my life. I wasn’t cut out for it. Also, I have a hidden disability myself, which has made campaigning quite difficult. I also run a small English language school. With this background, constituents should know that I am here to listen and that I have some personal experience of these issues.


Frankly, for most people, there is no NHS dentistry provision. From the surveys I have run, only 21% can get an NHS dentistry appointment within a reasonable time. In addition, the survey data reveals that 60% want an NHS overhaul. Solo voices – like mine – can be the most powerful. Love him or hate him, Nigel Farage had the profile and power equivalent to 100 MPs; Caroline Lucas, too, moved mountains. The main parties won’t say it, but the people want it: the NHS needs to radically transform, and I will lead on it.

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