Improved Online Schooling During Lockdown

My children have now been away from school for two months. Disappointingly and surprisingly, their teachers have not called to check in on them. Via email, we have received exercises to complete. It isn’t easy to home-school and work full-time.

Over the last three weeks (perhaps prompted by my letter), all they have had is one hour of contact, per week, with their respective teachers. It has been the highlight of their lockdown, as of course it would be. Simply, this isn’t enough.

I realise that my kids are privileged: I blogged (not bragged) about our life as a family here, my most popular post. My fear isn’t for my children, rather I’m most concerned for children who aren’t as fortunate.

After huffing and puffing, I decided to do something additional about it. Below is my petition, which I have sent to North Yorkshire County Council. I fear that their website will not permit online signatures. Let’s see what develops.

I want to record, for my kids, that I tried to do something about it.

Action required:

We, the undersigned, request that during lockdown, all North Yorkshire County Council schools provide 9-3pm optional online lessons for their pupils. We note that most private schools are providing optional online full lessons. State-educated children need more interaction with their teachers.

We thank the teachers, teaching assistants and support staff who have provided schooling in person to children of key workers.

We are concerned that disadvantaged children are suffering most during this crisis. We request that disadvantaged children are provided with the appropriate equipment necessary to take part in online lessons.


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