It’s a criminal offence to speed, because when you speed, you are a danger to others. It is a criminal offence to have unprotected sex, as a HIV carrier, if you haven’t warned your partner of the likely transmission. The libertarian logic underpinning these laws is sound: your actions are causing harm to others and must therefore be stopped.

For caring and intelligent people, their moral compass has been speedily reconfigured to now include the calculation that their actions might lead to the reckless transmission of COVID-19. The news is filled with knackered, mask-wearing medics, carrying signs, imploring people to stay at home, whilst they bravely save lives. If you won’t obey the Prime Minister, at least listen to these hero medics.

The blindspot for some people is that they haven’t grasped that even if they do not display symptoms, then they might still be carriers. Our actions have always had consequences, but now more so than ever.

It’s now time that the law caught up with morality. There have always been, and will always be, people who outsource their moral compass to the low bar set by the law, so we need to raise the legal bar. Some of these people may be super-spreaders – the unmasked mass murderers of this time.

It’s the first obligation of the Government to keep its people safe. Therefore, time-limited emergency legislation is urgently needed to prevent the morally bankrupt from spreading this virus. Chunky £1,000 fines should do the trick, for prison is the last place we would want to place such fools.