Yes, folks, The Daily Mail requested an exclusive – to print the world’s first manifesto which has used AI to listen to what people want – and I was thrilled to grant it.

The article featured in Page 2 on their 15 July edition, as well as here:

Take a look at this manifesto – what do you think? The data suggests that it should have circa 2/3 support. I reckon that the policies are achievable, wise and radical.

The key ones are:

  • Seek closer alignment with the EU.
  • Re-nationalise the failed Bank of England.
  • Maintain support for Ukraine but be open to pragmatic peace deal that delivers for the people of Ukraine.
  • Distance ourselves from the US.
  • Large scale investment in onshore wind.
  • Development of infrastructure for electric cars.
  • Radical overhaul of the NHS.
  • Fair pay for public sector staff.
  • Direct election of the Prime Minister.
  • Rapid regulation of AI to ensure mistakes of big tech and social media regulation are not repeated.
  • Abolition of first-past-the-post system for electing MPs.
  • Enshrined right to access to justice for all, not just the wealthy.
  • Harmonise capital gains tax in line with income tax.
  • Introduce transaction taxes on mega-corporations such as Amazon.


Now you might be thinking that those who voted are my supporters, well you would be wrong. Only 14% wished me well! People were made aware of the platform by 48,000 leaflets, one to each house; social media advertising; and vast amounts of national, local and national press.

Deploying this model, I am confident that the policies are popular and reasonable, but me as their spokesperson – because of the AI angle – is not well liked.

I’m off to Selby tomorrow to appear on The Guardian’s politics podcast.

Famously, The Daily Mail’s comments are notorious challenging, shall we say. Well, I thought I’d record a video, responding to the comments, here.