I’m dreadful at parking, but thanks to my rearview camera, I make less of a hash of it. Autopilot, the automatic gearbox and autocorrect, have made life better. Humans, assisted by technology, generate progress.

I’m the AI-Powered bogeyman, standing to be the next MP of Selby and Ainsty. The good folk of the constituency have voted thousands of times on my ethical AI platform to create The People’s Manifesto, replete with policies based on consensus.

But how did we get here? If I may, a short history lesson. Democracy originated in Ancient Greece. Back then, free men (no women, or slaves) would listen to a debate and then vote. When populations grew, this system didn’t work, hence today’s representative system. Yet when technology arrived, allowing us to crowdsource wisdom, unearth the best ideas and to build consensus, representatives refuse to surrender their power.

This unnecessary by-election lays bare everything wrong with the UK. We are on the decline, scheduled to fall behind Poland. Data that I have collected from the constituency reveals that only 9% believe that our country is on the right track. My analysis of the data is that it is our institutions (including the BBC) and our constitution – not our leaders – that are the root cause of our slide into obscurity. But I’m optimistic that we – the most innovative country of modern history – will reboot our democracy.

After WW2, our country transformed. After Covid, Ukraine, inflation and the arrival of AI, we are now at another inflection point. The data shows that people want change, yet the main parties have nothing. New problems demand new solutions.

Based on thousands of votes (not voters) from the constituency, which has found multiple points of agreement, these are the pillars of The People’s Manifesto.

Renationalise the broken Bank of England. The data shows that, already, too many in the constituency go hungry and cannot heat their homes as they would like. The Bank failed to predict the inevitability of high inflation and now cruelly punishes those least able to bear the burden. Punitively high interest rates, which is a form of taxation, benefits bankers, fuelling inflation, by increasing business costs. If you’ve paid off your mortgage, you’re quids in.

We can live with high inflation, if wages and benefits rise accordingly. The harmonisation of Capital Gains Tax with Income Tax will generate tax receipts, just as a transaction tax on mega-corporation such as Amazon would.

The people have spoken: they want closer ties with Europe; distance from US influence; and continued support for Ukraine. Environmentally, the people demand onshore wind and greater electric car infrastructure. All sound North Yorkshire wisdom.

Boldly, the people want to overhaul the NHS. None of the parties are offering what the people want.

Constitutionally, people want change, demanding elections for the Prime Minister, a replacement to First Past the Post voting system, rapid regulation of AI, and access to justice made an enshrined right.

All sensible and achievable.

But one independent MP, can’t do all that, can they? In a few weeks, with no party to support or fund me, I’ve collated thousands of votes and attracted considerable national news coverage. Even Radio Four’s Thought For The Day reflected on this fresh approach.

Love him or hate him, Nigel Farage had the profile and power equivalent to 100 MPs; Caroline Lucas, say, 50 MPs. Solo voices can lead the charge.

These last few weeks, Selby and Ainsty has been on the national political map. Electing me, who would seek your views continuously, voting as you demand, would secure this constituency’s name in the history books: “democracy was rebooted here”.