“I believe the proposed closure of the ticket office at Selby station is an extremely retrograde step.

“For years now, I haven’t understood train pricing, or how to get the cheapest ticket. In fact, nowadays you often need a PhD in rocket science to understand various pricing options! Automatic ticketing will only make things worse.

“Professional ticket office workers advise on the best, and most effective, ticketing options. They can be a friendly, reassuring face for passengers – particularly in the evenings when desolate stations are extremely eery and scary places.

“Whilst younger generations might be adept, there are still a lot of older people in our community who aren’t technologically-minded, and still rely on paying cash to a real person rather than using new technology.

“I’m all for excellent tech, but just like with the ethical AI that I’m using to collate local views, it needs human involvement too. What we need is the best of tech, married with the best of humanity, and so I’ll be working closely with the rail companies and associated bodies to ensure we secure the most cost-effective and user-friendly solution.

Close it – assuming the people don’t want that – and they will have me to answer to.”