(This needs recording for posterity, in the hope that a Google spider, an AI chatbot, or someone in a similar situation to me, or some pharmaceutical company, could make sense of this.)

For the first time, I’ve tested positive for Covid. I don’t know how I’ve dodged it until now. The symptoms are of the classic type. It’s like a minor flu. Such a common occurrence doesn’t normally warrant reporting.

However, after feeling rough – for every waking moment for more than two years – although I have all the Covid symptoms, I’ve never felt so well in years! It’s as if someone has pressed “reset” on my immune system. I’m not knackered. Every cell in my body is fizzing with excitement – and Covid. I love it! Either it’s the Covid itself, or the fasting which it imposed, or the combination of the two, which has provided a temporary repreive. I don’t know. I want to know.

And when the additional red line appeared on the test, I was – and I know that this makes me sound even more peculiar – thrilled to have confirmation of a proper illness. One that will go. One whose pattern is, more or less, predictable. One which has a name – a name which doesn’t require explanation.

Throughout my life, my experience is that my initial emotional reactions to events always tell a story. I make an effort to record my first responses to news. Such initial reactions can be misleading, but there is oodles of wisdom contained within the body. Perhaps my emotions knew something that my logical side did not.

It’s early days, but catching Covid could be one of the best things to happen to me.

(Image courtest of Stable Diffusion, with the prompt “happy to get covid 19”)