Today, the snow is so heavy that our children’s school shut early. As I type, North Yorkshire looks quite spectacular.

Back when I was a boy, a snow day was the best day of the entire year: no school PLUS snow. I was indescribably happy.

Yet today, very few children are playing outside. Sure, some have braved these sumptuous conditions: some snowballs have been thrown; some snowmen have been constructed; but not so many.

Inside, most children are glued to devices, often playing games with their mates – their mates who are all online, sitting in different houses. I noticed a similar phenomenom back in April 2023, on what was a lovely day – a day when the teachers were on strike, schools closed, yet I couldn’t see any children playing outside.

Below, is AI’s interpretation of the typical childhood scene, every 25 years, from 1900 to 1950.

In which image are the children happiest?


1900 children playing AI


1925 children playing


1950 children playing


1975 children playing


2000 children playing AI art

2024 – today

children playing AI art


2050 children playing AI art

Related to childhood, at my school we now provide a mentoring service to high school students. We have an awesome teacher – Oscar – who is so much more than a teacher, leading the mentoring program. The idea is that the sessions are quasi-confidential and led by the student. We believe that form teachers do not have the time to offer one-two-one mentoring to their pupils – and this is exactly what many students need.

Did you know that Rory Stewart – the best Prime Minister we never had – was Prince William’s mentor? The Ancient Greeks, too, assigned mentors to their students. We are offering something similar. Get in touch.