People keep asking me: “So, how’s it going?”

I don’t have an answer. I simply don’t know. But I do know that 48,000 leaflets have been delivered by the Royal Mail, one to every house; I’ve had over 6,000 votes on the AI-powered conversations, finding multiple consensus points; over 2,250 people have visited my website in recent weeks, to consume my content; I’ve had a quite a few donations; thousands of impressions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and thousands have watched my rather candid TikTok videos. (I love the rawness of TikTok).

But I’m not sure how it’s going.

The response from the media has been mixed. Some, like the awesome Yorkshire Post, gets it. I appeared in it today, here:

Andrew Gray yorkshire post selby and ainsty

I have some interviews with some nationals lined up, too. The Daily Star even spotted my viral post on LinkedIn, publishing it here.

I don’t though believe that the BBC have been as fair as they should be, much to my surprise and disappointment. I have written about the BBC on my blog a few times before: perhaps this is why I have been overlooked.

But do I feel like the people want me to win? That, I can’t say. Henry Ford, founder of the Ford motor company, famously remarked: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” I feel as if I am trying to sell a motor car, but I only have a few weeks to do it.

The campaign – now – needs to become more old-school: sandwich boards, megaphones, soapboxes. I hope that I can handle this next phase.

People ask me why I’m doing this. My answer: I didn’t feel as if I had a choice. I feel uniquely placed to do what I’m doing. Who else has been in so many political parties? Who else has been using ethical AI in the neighbouring constituency for a few years with the Crowd Wisdom Project? Who else has the time and the resources? And who else is daft enough to give it a go? And, also, as luck would have it, both main parties are not liked, with nothing innovative to offer to the new problems which I have been blogging about for a few years.

And I’m following my dream – of sorts – something which I hope will inspire my kids to do likewise. If we have food and a roof over our heads, I don’t think we need to play it safe. Ships are safest in a harbour – goes the saying – but that’s not where ships are meant to remain.

The bookies have me at 250:1. If I can persuade those who don’t nornally vote that this way – my way – is different and more democratic, I’m in with a chance.

Thinking about it, “how am I?”. Well, “not bored”, is an accurate way of describing it. I have, though, struggled to read the negative comments – for I am a gentle soul – but I also feel at home, at peace.

(If you want to help, sharing my content with friends, would be just lovely).

Sadly, I have to write that this blog is promoted by me – Andrew Gray, of 24 St Winifred’s Road, Harrogate.