1. Family and friends are still with us.
  2. As a family, we have grown closer.
  3. Proud to have played our bit to help society through this awful time, forging long-lasting relationships.
  4. Aware of the simple things in life, perhaps having slowed down a little.

What should my business life look like post-pandemic?

  1. Alive, so it can we can continue to help people.
  2. Nobody having been furloughed.
  3. We should have stronger relationships with our wider connections.
  4. Feeling fulfilled: that we have been useful to humanity, through our pro bono advice.
  5. Rewired as to how we function as a business, with more flexibility, better technology, higher productivity, with happier colleagues, moving towards a 24-7 business.
  6. Ready to seize opportunities.
  7. All less important to-do items complete.