During these frightening times, my recent experience of business, politics, family and friendships instructs me that people’s true colours shine more clearly now than they have ever done. 


In business, regardless of sector, caring and talented leaders are making caring and skilful decisions. Dedicated employees are now more dedicated. Lazier staff are now doubly lazy. 


Of late, I’ve seen some truly outstanding businessmanship and equally some pretty sharp practices too. Business saints pre-Covid haven’t become sinners, rather just more saintly. 


In politics, those with spine, with something to say, say it now unimpeded. And they’re cutting through to the public. Incompetence is now – particularly in government – amplified a thousandfold. Small mistakes are having catastrophic consequences.


Have you ever wanted to know about your character? If so, appraise yourself now. Are you happy with what you see?